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Tour Packages

As a user you can search for tours based on different criteria such as tour type, duration, price, etc. Some tours can be booked immediately. You choose a departure date, book it immediately and pay online.

Some tours are request-based. In other words, you send your request for the tour provider and wait for the provider to confirm your booking or otherwise decline it. In both cases, you are informed and if the tour is confirmed, a payment link will be sent to you.

Tour Guides

If you happen to look for even more customized tour with a real insider experience try our “tour guide only” service. We offer a great collection of certified tour guides local to different regions of France. You can either book a tour guide for a specific day or a couple of days. In some cases, you may choose to book the featured tours of a particular tour guide.

You also have the option to get to know the tour guide before booking their services through our messaging system.


We have an inventory of 500+ hotels listed on our website. Our hotel inventory is varied and geographically dispersed among major cities of France. These are actually the top-rated hotels in their respected cities. We plan to expand upon our inventory and cover all accommodation types across the country. Some of the listed hotels can be booked real-time though some need a time gap to get hotel’s confirmation for booking.

You still have questions? You can email us at info@FeelFrance.fr.


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