Walk by the Saône river, Rochetaillée sur Saône

Facing the Mont d’Or, in a wide curve of the Saone, this walk offers over 2 kilometers a new meadow dedicated to leisure activities and picnics, playgrounds, green and shingle beaches for relaxing at the water’s edge.



The project extends on 50 km of the bank of Saône River, passing 14 cities and 5 boroughs of the city of Lyon. Architects, landscape architects and artists from different countries performed together a walk combining nature, history and cultural heritage.


Art Works alongside the Saône River

River Movie is the public art program of Rives de Saône featuring 13 international artists and 23 creations - completed or in the making- installed between the confluence and Rochetaillée sur Saône. In synergy with the landscape, each contribution offers a unique experience of artistic discovery. Arranged in sequences, like a film, the works resonate with their environment and is history to create new mythologies, like so many surprises that restore the magic to the river banks.


Beautiful Steps

This staircase, as quirky as the stuff of dreams, is a reflection on everyday objects. Its cantilevered structure hangs over the Saone River, seemingly landing nowhere, except to the meditative and poetic experience that results from contemplating the view from above.


Falling from the sky

Le GENIALITHE, A meteorite has landed in the prairie, forming a carter with an astonishingly soft floor. Both a work of art and a playground, this hybrid object blends into the now magical landscape.



Tucked amongst the branches, this tree hut calls to mind the most rudimentary and precarious forms of habitation, Robust yet subtle, it awakens in each of us memories of childhood games and perched hide-ways.

The artist Tadashi Kawamata incorporates structures mad of unfished wood into the urban landscape- belvederes, tree huts, terraces, balconies, ramps. These collective works, built with students, inhabitants and artisans, invite passerby to engage in a new relationship with their environment.


Walk by the Saône river Virtual Tour

Click Video 360 sign to start the virtual tour and enjoy the feeling of walking  along side  Saône river right  from your browser! To navigate from one scene to another, just click or touch the arrow.


Hands-free Virtual Reality Tour Navigation

If you are using a virtual reality headset, click the VR head set sign to activate VR mode (this option is available only in compatible mobile devices) and then wear the headset to start navigation.

To go from one scene to another, look at the white big arrow and wait for few seconds.  This action will activate going to the next scene automatically without a need to click or touch the arrow.

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