Saint-Vincent Footbridge, Lyon

Also known as: Passerelle Saint-Vincent

The Passerelle Saint-Vincent is a bridge that crosses the Saône to Lyon.

The first bridge, built in 1637 by the engineer Jean Christophe Marie, is carried off by the ice in 1643. A new bridge replaces it in 1656, but it knows the same fate as its predecessor in 1711. It is replaced again in 1777 by a new bridge, less than 80 m long and 7 m wide. In the 1830s, a project was developed to replace the St. Vincent Bridge, too old and badly placed. It is then proposed to build a new bridge further downstream and to replace the Saint Vincent Bridge with a simple footbridge. The Saint Vincent Bridge was opened to the public at the end of 1832.
During the Second World War, this bridge is one of the few bridges that have been affected.
The bridge is 76.50 m long and 2.80 m wide.


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