Le Mur des Canuts

History of The largest painted wall in Europe

In 1987, with the inhabitants of the Croix-Rousse, the mural painters of the CitéCréation chose to design a work comprising buildings, courtyards, alleys and stairs, all with architecture mirroring that of this quarter. They decided that "Le Mur des Canuts" fresco would evolve around this urban moment. The largest painted wall in Europe became exceptionally popular and won acclaim, to the point of quickly being included in the living heritage of the city of Lyon.


Le Murs des Canuts in 1997

In 1997, motivated by the huge success of the “Mur des Canuts”, which made Lyon the French capital of mural painting and attracted millions of visitors, CitéCréation’s mural painters decided to enthuse new life into this mural work that testified to the changes that has occurred over the previous decade. The building had changed, the colours of the facades had brightened, shops had opened on the ground floors, stairways had come alive, and the characters in the first version had aged ten years.


Le Murs des Canuts in 2013

Once again, Cité Création’s mural painters use their fresco to record the new changes that have occurred in the Croix-Rousse, while keeping the original composition and spirit of this evolving mural work, they have updated the architecture, facades and shops, aged the characters fifteen years, added to families, given life to the squares, stairways and alleys, and given this new version a dimension of urban equity and sustainability.

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