Hermitage of mont cindre

Also known as: Ermitage du mont cindre

The history of the Hermitage is rich of almost 7 centuries. The site is founded in the 14th century by a monk of the Abbey of Ile Barbe.
During  5 centuries, the hermits settle down at Mont Cindre and forge the history of the place.
Built on a hillside, a vegetable garden and an imaginary garden enclose the Romanesque chapel built of golden stones.
In the North, the Imaginary Garden, is a spontaneous work appeared in the dreams of a man of the 20th century. Today it is a masterpiece of naive architecture. During 40 years, the apprentice architect Emile Damidot experiments the artificial cement and draws an astonishing cloak of rocailles for his garden. Adorned with  niches, basins, caves and chapels.

Please note that the Ermitage is open partially to the public. For More information contact 0478472001 or visit the website at : http://www.stcyraumontdor.fr

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