Barbe island, Lyon

Also known as: Île Barbe

The  Barbe island is an island situated in the middle of the Saône, in the 9th arrondissement de Lyon, the quartier Saint-Rambert-l'Île-Barbe (a former-commune annexed in 1963). Its name comes from the Latin insula barbara, "Barbarians' Island", suggesting that it was one of the last locales to be occupied (two centuries after the banks of the Saône at the foot of the hill of Fourvière).

Barbe Island Virtual Tour

Click Video 360 sign to start the virtual tour and enjoy the feeling of being in Barbe Island right from your browser! To navigate from one scene to another, just click or touch the arrow.


Hands-free Virtual Reality Tour Navigation

If you are using a virtual reality headset, click the VR head set sign to activate VR mode (this option is available only in compatible mobile devices) and then wear the headset to start navigation.

To go from one scene to another, look at the white big arrow and wait for few seconds.  This action will activate going to the next scene automatically without a need to click or touch the arrow.

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