Albigny Fresco

Also known as: Fresque pionniers de l'aviation

Lyon Fresco  is a wall painting 20 m by 5 m. It depicts  pioneers who lived in Albigny, such as the brothers Gabriel (1880-1973) and Charles (1882-1912) Voisin and Armand Zipfel (1883-1954) . It was realized in 2009 by the City of Creation.

Highlights in Albigny Fresco:

1-First flight over Lyon

A native of albigny, Armand Zipfel (1882-1954) was the first pilot to fly to Lyon on December 9, 1908 at the Doua military camp (the current INSA campus). Here at the controls of a biplane, made by him from the plans provided by the VOISIN brothers.


2-Car and Airplane pioneers

Gabriel and Charles VOISIN (1880-1973 and 1882-1912) industrialists and inventors of airplanes and cars, lived  at quai de Villevert,  300 m from this place. Here you can see  one of their cars : "VOISIN C11" of 14 hp.


3-The Castle of Albigny

The Castle of Albigny or "Tower of Gondebaud" was turn by turn: stronghold in the middle ages, watchtower, church, then school and town hall. it has belonged to private individuals since 1942.


4-The quarries of Stones

The quarries of stones of the calcareous cliffs of Albigny and Couzon have furnished for decades stones of construction for the buildings and bridges of Lyon. The operation ceased around 1920.


5-Albigny sur Saône

Albigny is the only municipality in the Monts d'Or area  that has chosen to be called "sur Saône" meaning "on the Saône" in English (other communities in this area have the "au Monts d'Or" suffix which means "of the mount of gold"  in English). Apart from  Saône river's charm and beauty, Its floods were dreadful in the past,  the most famous one dates back to 1840 (level of flood visible by a sign in the corner of "Lefebvre-qai de Villevert",  200 m from here.


6-Remy Bordelet

Wink to the memory of Remy Bordelet, (1931-2003) called "Remy", From Albigny who devoted his life to drawing and comics.

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